In Crisis: Your Health Matters

There has of late been a lot of pushing and nudging for people to just relax. Moms joke about how much wine they have to order because they’re now stuck home with their kids. Couples nag on each other about being stuck together in quarantine. And we laugh at how much we’re eating. Fat jokes abound. Of course I’ve made a few myself. But the truth is, our health matters now more than ever. Binge watching Netflix with a bowl of M&Ms for days on end can only last so long before it begins to have real detrimental effects on your entire system.

I’m not just preaching in theory here. I personally lived years of pain and suffering as a result of an imbalanced biological system. The long term effects of putting the wrong things in my body impacted my sleep, my energy levels, and of course my stress and anxiety.

A World in Crisis

The world is in crisis now with Covid 19, and whether you feel personally affected by the pandemic or not, your life has likely been altered in some major way. Change is hard, and we have no idea for how long this change will remain in place, or if we’ll ever go back to what we once thought of as “normal.” The stress that rises as a result of change, whether you’re happy with the change or upset, is much more easily managed through maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

Overwhelming evidence shows how well a balanced diet and exercise benefit the human body in tremendous ways. With just a few adjustments, you will find yourself feeling lighter, more energetic, less stressed, and experiencing more and better sleep. These elements all play into each other, amplifying the benefits of each one. Next, you’ll find your children easier to manage, your business easier to run, and your significant other less prone to haranguing.

Another important aspect of health and crisis management? Support. I was put here in this life to serve others, and there is no better way I can serve now than to be a shoulder for my team, my friends, and my family to lean on. I also take advantage of every opportunity I get to lean on my own support system. Struggling with your diet and exercise? Reach out. Having trouble with your business? Let me help. Just need someone to talk to? I’m here. I got into Isagenix and wealth and wellness coaching with you in mind, and in this time of potentially our greatest crisis, I am hoping you’ll allow me to check in on you.

Your health matters. You matter. Stay safe and healthy out there, friends.