Summer! Get Outside

In my previous post this month, I included on a list of ways to stay healthy “spend 3 hours outside.” Now, you may be thinking, “3 hours?! Who has 3 hours to spend outside?!” But instead of answering that question right away, I’ll counter your question with a question: how much time do you spend glued to your screen? Stressing over the news, combing the internet for updates on Covid 19 or the latest developments in the Black Lives Matter movement? How many hours do you spend numbing out in front of the television? Now, if you cut back, let’s say by half, could you find 3 hours out of 24 to spend outside?

Don’t get me wrong. It is critical to stay educated and informed on the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement as well as other global and local news. We need to know how to effect real change and what our part is in that change. But at some point, all the voices start to sound the same, the information becomes overwhelming, and your system just shuts down anyway as you grow more stressed out and anxious. And who doesn’t need the occasional brain dump over a fun show or a crazy documentary (Tiger King, anyone?).

But in the end, I’m reminding you that summer is fast approaching, and you will, in the long run, feel inordinately better if you get outside. You will also find yourself more capable of connecting with others – your family members or friends – which is one powerful way to effect real change. It happens quite suddenly, and it feels quite magical after just one day of spending 3 hours outside.

And you can break it up. Take a morning walk. Get out into the yard or nearby open space to play. Water your plants before bed. Before you know it, you’ve spent a good chunk of time under the healing sun, breathing fresh air, and reminding yourself that the world is actually a beautiful place filled with good people.

Stay healthy my friends!