A Coach’s Coach

From my earliest days of coaching, leading, and guiding others, I knew my destiny was not just in helping others. My true path has always been in helping the helpers. In many ways, the greatest gift to me in finding Isagenix has been the opportunity to coach the coaches. The world is filled with leaders, strong, self-assured women certain they are meant to help others, but not quite sure where to start. Those are my people. When I found Isagenix, I found a home as a leader’s leader, a coach’s coach.

The great thing about fulfilling this destiny is that in finding other smart, busy savvy, inspired, and motivated women, I can not only help them step into their own roles as leaders, but I can also show them how to lead other leaders. It is a marvelous and very profitable journey that can grow exponentially. I believe that leaders are both born and made. Some people simply have a knack for leadership, but others are forged in the fires of adversity and struggle. The grit that comes with overcoming makes for excellent leaders. As a leader’s leader, it is my job to find those diamonds in the rough. And one of the skills I teach my team, filled with women who are also on the lookout for new team members, is to learn to cultivate those leadership qualities in their own team members. And the greatest part? Everyone wins!

Isagenix is a product that is easy to get behind, and leading other women to become leaders is an endlessly rewarding task. When I teach and mentor other women who are already hungry for success and growth, I don’t find myself with the urge to push and beg, cajole and pull along. I find myself connecting and conversing, sharing and co-creating. There is real magic in circles of strong women, and it is a magic I am so happy to be a part of.

When women get together, work together, and support and encourage each other, they really can accomplish anything. I am so proud of the work my team members have done on their own and as team leaders in their own right. The accomplishments they have achieved are precisely what let me know, every day, that I made the perfect decision at the perfect time in my life in choosing to be an Isagenix leader. And there is always room for more!

Have you been thinking of how to develop your own leadership qualities? Connect with me today, and let’s talk about what that looks like for you.