Summer Is Over. But You Don’t Have to Be!

Physically, Summer is one of the best seasons, right? We’re all out moving our bodies, probably not overeating (it’s too hot!), and we want to look good in our bathing suits and feel good on the water. But then summer comes to an end, and all those delicious holidays start to loom. Tons of people lose momentum during the Fall because of the bowls of Halloween candy and all those yummy treats. The Thanksgiving turkey. The Christmas roast. The Valentine’s Day candy. Easter Ham! Now you’ve lost your momentum, and it’s not even October yet.

Well, I’m here to tell you it does not have to be that way. One of the great things about Isagenix, and about being an Isagenix coach, is that I’ve learned the difference between dieting and lifestyle. I can see the impact changing your entire life and relationships with food has on a person because I am one such person, and I have coached dozens of others.

The trick to maintaining your momentum is to simply keep going. Ate too much Halloween candy? Keep going. Candied yams and mashed potatoes with extra butter before pumpkin pie and lemon merengue? Keep going. You can have a day. You can overeat some candy once. You do not have to let that day become a week, month, year, life.

Isagenix supports healthy lifestyles, and, yes, even healthy lifestyles sometimes overindulge.

So, now is the time to change your entire mindset around seasonal exercise and eating. Keep moving your body, but switch it up to Fall fun. Keep eating healthy, but switch your diet up to Fall foods. Keep motivating your team, your family, and your community, but switch it up to a more relevant discussion around the season. You can learn, as I have, to flow with the seasons while maintaining your core principles around health and happiness.

As an Isagenix coach, it also inspires me to help inspire others. I’m constantly aware that my team, my family, and my friends and community are watching me. This is a key leadership quality, and it can become very oppressive and stressful if you don’t channel it to the positive. Knowing that eyes are on me is motivating for me because I want to be a strong, healthy example for my kids and my team. So I let it be fuel in my fire. And you can do this, too. Just imagine your best possible self, the you you always wanted to be, and then walk toward her. Step into her shoes, and be her.

Struggling to make this work for you? Call me! That’s quite literally what I’m here for.