Powering Through Hard Times

“We can do hard things.” When I first read author Glennon Doyle’s words, I was struck by just how true they are. As a warm, direct, truth teller myself, I respond to this statement almost on a daily basis. Life is wonderful and joyful and abundant, but that does not mean that sometimes it isn’t just hard. And sometimes the things we have to do to get through life, the decisions we have to make, are hard. Indeed, sometimes just getting through the day feels like a hard thing to do. But as much as I am here to tell you that yes, life can be incredibly hard at times, I am also here to remind you of Doyle’s words, “we can do hard things,” and offer a bit of advice on just how.

First, take a breath. Almost every single time we are facing a difficult time or a difficult decision, we are not in imminent danger. We can take a breath, take a moment, and think things through a bit.

Second, trust your intuition. You have an inner voice that will never lead you astray. Remember that your inner voice always leads you toward something, never away from something. Your inner voice says “yes yes yes” to things. So listen for the yes, and remember, if it’s not a “yes yes yes” it’s a “no no no.”

Third, don’t take too long. While I want you to take a breath, I don’t want you to ruminate all day or all year. Your intuition is quick, but you have to take that breath, that moment, to listen to it. The trick is, if you take too long, you will start to talk yourself away from your inner voice. This is where most people hesitate and never get into action. Stop overthinking your voice.

Finally, you’ve got this! No matter what, you WILL get through what you are dealing with now. The power of hope is incredible. One of my favorite things to remember is that we can all get our happy endings, and if you’re not happy, it’s not the ending.

I’m always up for a chat if you need some encouragement!