When Being a Coach Starts to SUCK.

If I’m anything, I’m honest. I will always be up front and give you my one hundred percent truth. Truth the way I see it, based on my experience and training. I’ve been coaching, serving, and guiding people my whole life, since I was a young girl. People have gravitated naturally toward me for advice and for help, for uplift and for the truth. Many, many people come to me for the honest truth, and sometimes its hard to deliver cold honest truth. So, here’s a big truth that most people in my position don’t want to admit: sometimes being a coach sucks. Sometimes being the truth teller sucks. Sometimes trying to help everyone sucks.

Are you surprised? I would venture to say that you are only surprised if you’ve never been a coach, a teacher, a guide, a manager, a leader. I’m willing to be you have been, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, as a coach, our work can feel hopeless. You are leading someone to water, but they simply won’t drink. You’re trying and trying and giving your all, and the people you are helping refuse to hear you. They stick their fingers in their ears and sing “lalalalalala” as loud as they can.

This can be heartbreaking, especially because we coaches can see enormous potential in others. We see just what someone is capable and how far they can go… if they would just step into it! It is hard. It is so hard, in fact, that I had to step away from coaching everyone. I was getting far too emotionally invested and therefore emotionally drained. I was taking on everyone else’s struggles, and I found myself depleted, actually trying to drink the water for the people I was helping!

I quit.

It’s true. I quit trying to help everyone, and I started helping people who truly wanted my help. And since then, my life and my business have drastically improved. It is why I now identify as a coach’s coach. `I help people ready for the next step, the next level.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Because it may be your time. You may be ready to step up to the next level and either become a coach yourself and/or learn how to identify others who are really ready to accept help.

If this sounds like you, we deserve to connect. Serving people like you is what I yearn for.