Common wisdom tells us that for most businesses, this end of the year time is a slow period. We’re wrapping up our year, and unless you’re selling a product that can be turned into a gift for the holidays, it can be tough to generate new business. Unless…

Unless you allow yourself to think outside of the box. This time, as fall begins to give way to winter, many people are snuggling in for a long winter’s night, not really thinking about how to capitalize on their audience and their client lists. Which, I would say, is precisely the time for you and me to do just that.

What’s that expression? “The early bird catches the worm”? When everyone else is sleeping, all snuggled up, it is the perfect time to double down on your business. You may not generate a ton of instant revenue, but you will be maximizing your ability to get in front of your audience, reach out to your clients, and connect. It is all about connecting, and that, honestly, is the greatest revenue driver of all. People don’t buy products. They buy people. They buy stories. Now, in this traffic lull, is when you get to stop “worrying” about your products and your revenue and just be a person. Tell your story.

There are other times, of course, to double down on your business, depending on what your business is. For me, in coaching, health, and fitness, the beginning of the year and spring leading into summer are excellent times to reach out and go big. But there’s a special magic about the way we double down on business during this last quarter of the year.

This double down feels personal, more intimate, and even more authentic than usual.

So, from someone who has been in business for many years, who loves what she does, and who makes clients, connecting, and authenticity her top priorities, I say this: double down on your business now.

Use these last two months to get really narrow and really specific with your audience, even to the point of pinpointing who your niche target audience is. And talk to them. Tell them your story, what makes you… well, you. Talk to them directly; they’re your people, your friends, your family. Remind your audience that you are a real, flesh and blood person, just like them.

Spend the next couple of months doing that, showing up, being real, and mark my words, you’ll be paving the way for a remarkable new year!

Need help figuring out just what doubling down means to you?
Reach out to me. It’s why I’m here!