Community: Self Love and Self Care Lead to Strong Communities

I have long considered myself not only a supportive guide and leader of others, but also a leader of leaders. My team has always seemed to be made up of strong, empowered, empowering men and women, and I am proud of that. I am naturally drawn to uplifting people, and I do my best every day, as a mother, as a wife, and as a business woman to uplift others. Today, that means growing community. One of the things I love about Isagenix is the opportunity to build strong relationships. Isagenix is not just a nutrition supplement; it is a way of life, and it is a lifelong commitment to yourself and to the people you love. It is an act of self love, and when you love yourself, you are that much more likely to love others, and that is when community happens.

I say Isagenix is an act of self love because it does in fact change your health and therefore your life. When your nutrition is in order, the rest of your health falls into place as well. You sleep better, you are less prone to mood swings, your relationships improve, and you are more energized and motivated to exercise, which makes you more energized and motivated to be proactive in other areas of your life. And when you find your life falling into balance, you want to reach out and share! This is how we grow community.

And we aren’t just growing a community of people, of Isagenix lovers, of nutrition nuts or health experts. We grow a community of strong, supportive, well balanced individuals who have found or are actively seeking their purpose in life. These elements form the basis for a community of people who contribute their unique talents, hold space for their friends and family, welcome new members, and remain open to shifts and changes.

Let us all focus on our health, on our radical acts of self love, and on the community we are building in these otherwise crazy times.

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Your Nutrition: Get Well. Be Well.

As the CDC has recently released its guidelines for the reopening of schools across America, and we are watching small businesses wade into new territory as they are allowed to open their doors once again, now is the ideal time to be thinking about, talking about, and planning for our overall health. So much is still unknown about Covid-19 and the coronavirus, and we are being fed information and misinformation from all channels. Thus, it is appropriate for us to take matters into our own hands. While it is a personal choice whether to remain at home, whether to keep your children home from school, and whether to take a vaccine offered once it is released, it is not a controversial topic at all to discuss getting healthy.

As many of my readers already know, my own health journey was a long and harried one. I spent a lifetime scanning nutrition facts and having my mind blown by what was not included in those facts. It took me years to finally shift from the accepted wisdom of modern medicine and shift toward the inner wisdom I have always had inside me. I had to learn to trust the little voice in my head that kept saying “there’s more.” There’s information you don’t have. There’s help you haven’t thought of. I found that help in the form of my nutritionist. I found the tools that contributed to my nutritional path in Isagenix.

But whether you decide to join the Isagenix team or not, whether you are an Isagenix coach or simply a fan, there is no doubting the fact that our overall nutrition plays an enormous part in our health. As Steve Jobs once said, we have to see our food as medicine, so that we don’t end up taking our medicine as food.”

Isagenix can help with that, of course. It helps you regulate your nutrition. It helps you recalibrate your relationship with food. And it helps you connect with a supportive group of men and women doing the same, on similar journeys. So I write to you today, my community of readers, followers, fellow coaches, and team members, to remind you that, contrary to the constant reinforcement that now is the time to abandon all your good sense, binge watch Netflix, and eat cookie dough ice cream straight from the container, now is the time to get well.

Of course, we all need a little Netflix and Ben N Jerry’s once in a while. I know I do. But in general, I want you to get well, be well, and stay well. Because whether the coronavirus comes for you or not, we’re entering a crazy time in America, and we are always at our best when we feel good.

Here’s to feeling good, my friends.

Small Businesses Don’t Have to Suffer in Quarantine

A lot of people are freaking out about the economy right now. And, honestly, who can blame them? Unemployment has skyrocketed. People are struggling. Money is tight for a lot of people. Naturally, great concern abounds over small businesses. How can they possibly survive? Well, I’m here to tell you a little secret most people in the gloom and doom industries won’t: service and creativity always prevail. Largely, small businesses like mine and yours, coaches, network marketers, and freelancers, got into this work not just because we wanted to make money and determine our own schedules (though, let’s be real, those were big factors). But most of us got into the entrepreneurial lifestyle because we believed in something bigger.

If you don’t already know my background and my story with Isagenix, I implore you to check it out on the About Me section of the website. In short, I fell in love with a product and the way this product would allow me to help others. I cannot tell you how many other men and women I have met in the same boat. We are survivors, passion seekers, relentless adventurers determined to stick with it and not give up.

Together We Can

We will get through this with our grit, with our love for our business, and with our sheer determination to continue serving whatever the cost.

And this is what it comes down to, really, right? When you first came to the small business game, you were willing to sacrifice anything. You got creative. You thought outside of the box. You learned new ways to communicate, to sell, to persuade. You gave it everything you had because you believed in your business, you believed in the people you wanted to serve, and most importantly you believed in yourself.

Well, I’m here to remind you of all of that.

If you’re still down in the dumps, send me a message or give me a call. Let’s brainstorm ways you can get creative and stay alive in your business and your passion, even on the days that seem the darkest.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

In Crisis: Your Health Matters

There has of late been a lot of pushing and nudging for people to just relax. Moms joke about how much wine they have to order because they’re now stuck home with their kids. Couples nag on each other about being stuck together in quarantine. And we laugh at how much we’re eating. Fat jokes abound. Of course I’ve made a few myself. But the truth is, our health matters now more than ever. Binge watching Netflix with a bowl of M&Ms for days on end can only last so long before it begins to have real detrimental effects on your entire system.

I’m not just preaching in theory here. I personally lived years of pain and suffering as a result of an imbalanced biological system. The long term effects of putting the wrong things in my body impacted my sleep, my energy levels, and of course my stress and anxiety.

A World in Crisis

The world is in crisis now with Covid 19, and whether you feel personally affected by the pandemic or not, your life has likely been altered in some major way. Change is hard, and we have no idea for how long this change will remain in place, or if we’ll ever go back to what we once thought of as “normal.” The stress that rises as a result of change, whether you’re happy with the change or upset, is much more easily managed through maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

Overwhelming evidence shows how well a balanced diet and exercise benefit the human body in tremendous ways. With just a few adjustments, you will find yourself feeling lighter, more energetic, less stressed, and experiencing more and better sleep. These elements all play into each other, amplifying the benefits of each one. Next, you’ll find your children easier to manage, your business easier to run, and your significant other less prone to haranguing.

Another important aspect of health and crisis management? Support. I was put here in this life to serve others, and there is no better way I can serve now than to be a shoulder for my team, my friends, and my family to lean on. I also take advantage of every opportunity I get to lean on my own support system. Struggling with your diet and exercise? Reach out. Having trouble with your business? Let me help. Just need someone to talk to? I’m here. I got into Isagenix and wealth and wellness coaching with you in mind, and in this time of potentially our greatest crisis, I am hoping you’ll allow me to check in on you.

Your health matters. You matter. Stay safe and healthy out there, friends.