Lifestyle vs Diet

New Year’s Resolutions were invented by people who felt guilty for not dieting, or for overindulging, during the holidays. I’m sure of it. But here’s the thing: to this day I have never been on a diet and you don’t have to be either. Those of us on lifestyle eating plans do not hesitate to have the extra cookie or slice of pie, the candy from our kids’ stockings or the extra cup of eggnog.

The joy of the new year is that we get to start fresh, without the guilt. Without the guilt?! Yes, that’s right. No guilt. You overindulged, you treated yourself, you partook. Call it what you want, but the bottom line is that burying yourself in guilt now for what you did over the holidays will make no difference to your progress now. In fact, it could be counterproductive.

So go ahead, start fresh, encourage your clients to do the same. But no guilt, please. Because nobody needs to be on a diet ever again.

What to Do During a Slow Season

Even the most successful people, CEOs of top organizations and stock market trade gurus will tell you: it can be an emotional roller coaster. Even when things seem slow, you are not necessarily losing money, you simply need to focus on planting seeds and planning for your next growing season.

So realize you will have a slower period of business and see it as a sign you’re doing everything right! It means you have had success, profitability, and growth. It means you have been up enough to notice when you’re down. It means you are finding the balance in business ownership, especially in entrepreneurship. In my business, coaching, it can be a blessing to have down periods, and I don’t have to suffer in worry over employees I have to pay or overhead I have to cover even when I’m not bringing in new revenue. It’s just me!

So instead of thinking about ways to ramp up sales right now or bust out of a slow period, let it be what it is. Let it simply be slow, and take advantage of it.


Yes, a slow period is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what went right, and what went wrong, in your past year of business growth. What content did you create that did really well? Which sales pitches hit the mark and which fell flat? Where could you have done a bit better on your budget? Which partnerships were rewarding and which ones sucked you dry? How did your networking go, especially in this year of social distancing? Where could you make improvements?


Always always always be networking! Down times are great for this. Remember, your friends are your biggest cheerleaders, so in business ownership and entrepreneurship it is in your best interest to be using your down time to make more friends. Social distancing be damned! I’ve made some of my best friends online through shared groups and communities. Those friends are even more likely to share my page, my content, and my business info because they are online more often. See how that works? Get networking!


Often, we are so busy in our business and personal lives that we don’t have time to plan. We are simply flying by the seat of our experienced pants. That approach can be an effective one, because you’re riding on pure instinct and intuition. That approach can be even more effective if you have planned for it in advance. Many large companies have trainings in place for their employees so they know what to do when they are put on the spot. You, as an entrepreneur, need to have your own training, and I call that training your plan. What goals are you trying to reach, and what steps are you going to take to reach them? Write it all down. Then, when things get busy again (Trust me. They will.), you won’t have to think twice about what to do. You’ve already got a plan in place!

Reach Out

I’m your resource, so reach out to me whenever you need some extra help, extra tips, or extra networking. The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re struggling is ask for help. And that’s what I’m here for. So, during your down time especially – reach out!


Jeff Bezos has lost millions of dollars in bad ideas. He wrote off $170 million in the failed Fire Smartphone alone. Steve Jobs launched and lost a multimillion dollar company, NEXT. Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame failed and lost everything multiple times before finding success with his recipe… in his sixties! All of this to say that we business people, entrepreneurs, need to keep in mind that we are not failures. Our ideas are not evidence that we are failing. They are evidence that we are evolving. Businesses evolve. It is only the ones that truly fail are those that fail to evolve.

Here’s another truth: the best companies do not evolve because they are simply the best. No. Their ability to evolve, adapt, shift, fail, and rise again, is what makes them the best. You are as defined by your failures as you are by your successes, and I say it is high time to prove to yourself and your business just how resilient you are. You started what you are doing, coaching, guiding, leading, building because you have a passion for this work, for entrepreneurship, for the chance to really make a difference in your life and the lives of others on your own terms. Now is the time to take a good look in the mirror and remind yourself just how adaptable and evolved you are.

Why now? Because failure is pretty normalized right now. Even some of the big guys are struggling. So why is that in your favor? Because you’re in good company. The pandemic mixed with a wild election year made everything feel uncertain and unstable, which is the perfect time to let the puzzle pieces fall where they may and then put them back together in a way that really makes sense to you. Write off your losses. Sure. But do not give up. Fall down. Yes. But get back up! You’ve got this.

The only thing that separates you from being the next Einstein, the next Bezos, the next JK Rowling, the next Oprah, is your grit, your passion. If you’ve already made the leap into entrepreneurship, the hard part is over. Everything else is simply a matter of trusting yourself enough to know that you can come back from anything.

So, after the glorious holiday season that somehow magically managed to prove to us all that miracles do indeed happen, I’m asking you to create your own miracle – the miracle of believing in yourself. No matter what.

Need help getting there? That’s what I’m here for!
Let’s make the magic happen.


Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Sorry I am tardy on those wishes – I truly hope you had a meaningful holiday season!
I am on time to wish you my FAVORITE though – Happy Freaking New Year 🥳
And as we prepare to enter a new year, leaving behind a year full of change for every single one of us, knowing that the next year will bring even more change, I want to remind you all that change does not mean the end.

We are all worthy of a happy ending, and if you are not happy right now, remember this is not your ending. Silly Disney movies had us so convinced when we were little that the princess rides off with her white knight on a horse to live happily ever after, but no one talks about the trials and tribulations that inevitably come with moving into the castle, getting to know the prince’s family, carrying a royal baby, breastfeeding in a drafty bedroom with no running water, fighting over sleepless nights and who will get up with the baby, how to shift into a princess/entrepreneur once the kids are grown, and so on. Right? Change is inevitable, and it is necessary, and it is pretty much the only thing we can count on in life. What it absolutely is not is the end.

No, in fact, change is a sure signal that this is not the end.

So, if you are stressed, anxious, worried, or fretting over all the changes taking place, I’m here to reassure you that change can and often is the best thing that can happen to you. Embrace change, flow with it, and look for the gifts. For there are always gifts.

Cheers to an abundant 2021, from your biggest cheerleader.


Okay, my last blog post was about doubling down in business. I talked a lot about the whats, the whys, and the hows. What I did not talk about was the what ifs. What if now is not the right time to double down in your business? What if that message just does not sit right with you? What if – just maybe – it’s time to pivot?

Pivoting in business means shaking things up. It could mean changing your products, changing your message, even changing your name. Pivoting might even mean a total rebrand. If it’s time to pivot, you definitely do not want to be doubling down. That could potentially lead to a waste of time, energy, and resources.

But how do you know when it’s time to pivot? There are a few ways.

The biggest indicator that it’s time to shake things up is when months and months have gone by and you’ve gained little to no traction, sales, response from your audience, likes, shares on social media, etc… low vibes.

You’re feeling like maybe you’re in the wrong business. Maybe entrepreneurship just isn’t for you.


You need to pivot.

The very first thing I do when I need to pivot is I get an outside opinion from an expert. Hire a business coach, or reach out to your own coach in the business. Check in with friends in your field. See if they can give you an objective opinion.

Then, get really comfortable with being uncomfortable, making changes you may not have thought of. It’s likely the reason you’re feeling down about your business to begin with. You’ve been doing the same old thing and getting the same old results, but you’re just not comfortable shaking yourself out of your comfort zone. Well, get ready.

It’s just like losing weight or starting a new health and fitness plan. You’re gonna have to make some changes you don’t think you’re ready for.

Trust me when I say you’re ready.

Need help deciding if you need to pivot? I’m here.


Common wisdom tells us that for most businesses, this end of the year time is a slow period. We’re wrapping up our year, and unless you’re selling a product that can be turned into a gift for the holidays, it can be tough to generate new business. Unless…

Unless you allow yourself to think outside of the box. This time, as fall begins to give way to winter, many people are snuggling in for a long winter’s night, not really thinking about how to capitalize on their audience and their client lists. Which, I would say, is precisely the time for you and me to do just that.

What’s that expression? “The early bird catches the worm”? When everyone else is sleeping, all snuggled up, it is the perfect time to double down on your business. You may not generate a ton of instant revenue, but you will be maximizing your ability to get in front of your audience, reach out to your clients, and connect. It is all about connecting, and that, honestly, is the greatest revenue driver of all. People don’t buy products. They buy people. They buy stories. Now, in this traffic lull, is when you get to stop “worrying” about your products and your revenue and just be a person. Tell your story.

There are other times, of course, to double down on your business, depending on what your business is. For me, in coaching, health, and fitness, the beginning of the year and spring leading into summer are excellent times to reach out and go big. But there’s a special magic about the way we double down on business during this last quarter of the year.

This double down feels personal, more intimate, and even more authentic than usual.

So, from someone who has been in business for many years, who loves what she does, and who makes clients, connecting, and authenticity her top priorities, I say this: double down on your business now.

Use these last two months to get really narrow and really specific with your audience, even to the point of pinpointing who your niche target audience is. And talk to them. Tell them your story, what makes you… well, you. Talk to them directly; they’re your people, your friends, your family. Remind your audience that you are a real, flesh and blood person, just like them.

Spend the next couple of months doing that, showing up, being real, and mark my words, you’ll be paving the way for a remarkable new year!

Need help figuring out just what doubling down means to you?
Reach out to me. It’s why I’m here!

Powering Through Hard Times

“We can do hard things.” When I first read author Glennon Doyle’s words, I was struck by just how true they are. As a warm, direct, truth teller myself, I respond to this statement almost on a daily basis. Life is wonderful and joyful and abundant, but that does not mean that sometimes it isn’t just hard. And sometimes the things we have to do to get through life, the decisions we have to make, are hard. Indeed, sometimes just getting through the day feels like a hard thing to do. But as much as I am here to tell you that yes, life can be incredibly hard at times, I am also here to remind you of Doyle’s words, “we can do hard things,” and offer a bit of advice on just how.

First, take a breath. Almost every single time we are facing a difficult time or a difficult decision, we are not in imminent danger. We can take a breath, take a moment, and think things through a bit.

Second, trust your intuition. You have an inner voice that will never lead you astray. Remember that your inner voice always leads you toward something, never away from something. Your inner voice says “yes yes yes” to things. So listen for the yes, and remember, if it’s not a “yes yes yes” it’s a “no no no.”

Third, don’t take too long. While I want you to take a breath, I don’t want you to ruminate all day or all year. Your intuition is quick, but you have to take that breath, that moment, to listen to it. The trick is, if you take too long, you will start to talk yourself away from your inner voice. This is where most people hesitate and never get into action. Stop overthinking your voice.

Finally, you’ve got this! No matter what, you WILL get through what you are dealing with now. The power of hope is incredible. One of my favorite things to remember is that we can all get our happy endings, and if you’re not happy, it’s not the ending.

I’m always up for a chat if you need some encouragement!

When Being a Coach Starts to SUCK.

If I’m anything, I’m honest. I will always be up front and give you my one hundred percent truth. Truth the way I see it, based on my experience and training. I’ve been coaching, serving, and guiding people my whole life, since I was a young girl. People have gravitated naturally toward me for advice and for help, for uplift and for the truth. Many, many people come to me for the honest truth, and sometimes its hard to deliver cold honest truth. So, here’s a big truth that most people in my position don’t want to admit: sometimes being a coach sucks. Sometimes being the truth teller sucks. Sometimes trying to help everyone sucks.

Are you surprised? I would venture to say that you are only surprised if you’ve never been a coach, a teacher, a guide, a manager, a leader. I’m willing to be you have been, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, as a coach, our work can feel hopeless. You are leading someone to water, but they simply won’t drink. You’re trying and trying and giving your all, and the people you are helping refuse to hear you. They stick their fingers in their ears and sing “lalalalalala” as loud as they can.

This can be heartbreaking, especially because we coaches can see enormous potential in others. We see just what someone is capable and how far they can go… if they would just step into it! It is hard. It is so hard, in fact, that I had to step away from coaching everyone. I was getting far too emotionally invested and therefore emotionally drained. I was taking on everyone else’s struggles, and I found myself depleted, actually trying to drink the water for the people I was helping!

I quit.

It’s true. I quit trying to help everyone, and I started helping people who truly wanted my help. And since then, my life and my business have drastically improved. It is why I now identify as a coach’s coach. `I help people ready for the next step, the next level.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Because it may be your time. You may be ready to step up to the next level and either become a coach yourself and/or learn how to identify others who are really ready to accept help.

If this sounds like you, we deserve to connect. Serving people like you is what I yearn for.

Summer Is Over. But You Don’t Have to Be!

Physically, Summer is one of the best seasons, right? We’re all out moving our bodies, probably not overeating (it’s too hot!), and we want to look good in our bathing suits and feel good on the water. But then summer comes to an end, and all those delicious holidays start to loom. Tons of people lose momentum during the Fall because of the bowls of Halloween candy and all those yummy treats. The Thanksgiving turkey. The Christmas roast. The Valentine’s Day candy. Easter Ham! Now you’ve lost your momentum, and it’s not even October yet.

Well, I’m here to tell you it does not have to be that way. One of the great things about Isagenix, and about being an Isagenix coach, is that I’ve learned the difference between dieting and lifestyle. I can see the impact changing your entire life and relationships with food has on a person because I am one such person, and I have coached dozens of others.

The trick to maintaining your momentum is to simply keep going. Ate too much Halloween candy? Keep going. Candied yams and mashed potatoes with extra butter before pumpkin pie and lemon merengue? Keep going. You can have a day. You can overeat some candy once. You do not have to let that day become a week, month, year, life.

Isagenix supports healthy lifestyles, and, yes, even healthy lifestyles sometimes overindulge.

So, now is the time to change your entire mindset around seasonal exercise and eating. Keep moving your body, but switch it up to Fall fun. Keep eating healthy, but switch your diet up to Fall foods. Keep motivating your team, your family, and your community, but switch it up to a more relevant discussion around the season. You can learn, as I have, to flow with the seasons while maintaining your core principles around health and happiness.

As an Isagenix coach, it also inspires me to help inspire others. I’m constantly aware that my team, my family, and my friends and community are watching me. This is a key leadership quality, and it can become very oppressive and stressful if you don’t channel it to the positive. Knowing that eyes are on me is motivating for me because I want to be a strong, healthy example for my kids and my team. So I let it be fuel in my fire. And you can do this, too. Just imagine your best possible self, the you you always wanted to be, and then walk toward her. Step into her shoes, and be her.

Struggling to make this work for you? Call me! That’s quite literally what I’m here for.

Fall Is Here: Let’s Make It Great

Let’s be honest. Summer makes us lazy. Right? Oh sure, we’re active, we’re moving and shaking. Our weekends are booked with fun trips to the lake and weddings. But in terms of business, who are we kidding? No one is motivated to work hard at work when you’re working hard at playing! So give yourself a break if you’ve been slacking a bit in the professional career driving arena. Your kids are sun kissed, and your tan is looking pretty awesome too. That’s why it’s called Summer!

But… all good things, indeed, all things, must come to an end, and we don’t have to be sad about that. We can look back fondly at our photos of swimming pools and trickling creeks, maybe even a week on the beach, and we can buckle down and prepare for what’s to come. Fall!

Yes, one of my favorite seasons has always been Fall. There is so much to celebrate, whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, and there’s so much to do! Fall historically has always been such a productive time for Americans. Our farmers are reaping their crops. Kids are back to school. And the rest of us are planning out what the next few months look like at home and at work.

And if, like me, your home is your work, you’ve probably got a lot of planning going on! Well, I am a champion planner, goal setter, and benchmark hitter. So if you’re looking for help coming out of a long lazy summer, and you’re hoping to get a jump on a productive Fall season, get in touch with me and let’s get you going. This is quite literally what I’m here for!