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Ready to show up for yourself? I have been there and I have simple solutions ready for you. 

Are you a free-spirited , bold soul, fired up and ready to go, and unwilling to be tied to someone else’s agenda?

Get focused on your health and wealth goals, break free from the cage, and feel amazing in your ideal body, lifestyle, and income!

Seize this opportunity to fully realize your potential as a leader, build a team and guide them to exponential success.

Sales come and go...

The real investment is in people – our connections and in our health and wellness, both physically and financially!

My story

About Lori Olson

Lori Olson is a go getter and a straight shooter filled with compassion and grace. A free spirit through and through, she leads others to the same kind of total wellness and financial success she has found for herself. She is passionate about her products and about the network she has created around them. Real success must be founded in unwavering belief, and her practices and products are solutions that Lori is proud to utilize personally, to sell, and to show others how to promote as well. 

Today, after years of growth and prosperity, Lori wants to meet and guide those bold souls hungry for more – more energy, more joy, more connections, and, yes, more money! This is truly a recipe for success for anyone willing to put in the effort.


Show Up With Lori

Here it is. The opportunity to invest yourself into a successful lifestyle and an entire line of products that will change you, and change your life.

Lori's Personal Story

Over the course of a lifetime, I suffered and struggled with digestive issues. Doctor after doctor told me that I merely needed to “eat more fiber.” On the outside, I was what most people would consider a picture of perfect health. Yet I found myself hurting and exhausted all the time. 

I was given dozens of different prescription drugs to treat my symptoms, to alleviate my pain, but nothing to get to the root of my often agonizing pain. No one even talked to me about my nutrition. It took talking to a friend of mine who was a nutritionist before I opened my eyes to all of the toxic products in my diet – a diet that I believed was healthy!

Today, I am a proud leader and purveyor of Isagenix, cultivating relationships and promoting health, wellness, and youthful energy for anyone willing to take that first step, persevere and experience the best kind of life.


What do people say?

I finally decided to take a serious look at Isagenix after trying to eat healthier, eat less, “attempting to start exercising” and buying new jeans year after year because in my late 30’s my metabolism apparently was tired of working so hard. I thought I could lose weight on my own and I found that I was thinking about food more than I ever had in my life because I felt guilty when I ate what I knew I shouldn’t, I felt like I deserved more when I ate what I was supposed to, and I had no energy, and still couldn’t fit into my jeans! I knew something had to change! I was taking naps almost daily and I knew that I couldn’t continue to have a few pounds creep up on me year after year. I had never been on a diet, a weight loss program, tried “cleansing” or even a protein shake. I contacted Lori and committed to trying Isagenix for 30 days. After 30 days I was hooked! This is the easiest system ever and I feel fantastic, have more energy, and have lost the stubborn weight that took years to creep on. I knew I had to share it with others and closed the doors of a direct sales business I built for 17 years. In 2 years, I am making more than I was in my 17th year of my previous company. I have never been a part of something that has so much growth potential or something that is truly changing the lives of the people that I share it with. I am home!

Laurie Webb

My husband and I were financially strapped, both suffering from some unwanted visceral fat, along with daily fatigue. I also suffered from a head ailment when I met Lori.

We also had credit card debt that we racked up due to using shopping as our therapy when our twins were born, as it was quite traumatic!

As Lori was sharing the compensation plan with me I envisioned this being the vehicle helping us drive out of debt! I just had a feeling this would change our life, physically and financially! I WAS RIGHT! This business has been the force that has helped us pull ourselves out of debt!!! Along with supplementing our income, we have more energy and I don’t have head ailments as I did in the past. I love being able to see light at the end of our debt tunnel, so we can start saving for our twins’ future!

Vanessa Iverson

I left the social service industry to stay home with my young children. I wasn’t making enough money after paying for childcare to justify going to work, and wanted to be the primary caregiver to my twins. I entered the direct sales/party plan industry, and it was perfect for me…until it wasn’t. I became very frustrated in the lack of income I was making despite my work ethic and the size of my team. Most importantly, I didn’t feel like I was making a true impact on the world. After being introduced to Isagenix by Lori for help in my wellness goals, it was clear to me where my passions and purpose lies. On this team, I’m truly working from home and enjoy the freedom to always put my family first. I’m building a legacy that can be passed on to my children. Two years in, my annual income is greater than I ever made in 12 years with my former company, and more than most social workers would hope to earn in 3 years combined! Each day I wake up with excitement, knowing that I’m helping people take control of their health, their happiness and the pursuit of pursuit of their dreams!

Allyson Lindstrom

Before Isagenix I was stuck in a “mom body”, feeling frumpy and unsexy. I was in constant hiding when it came to taking photographs, I didn’t feel worthy of my husbands attention and after spending years in the gym I felt it was unfair that I wasn’t getting the results I deserved. 3 years ago I reached out to my friend Lori and she told me about Isagenix.

As a result, I am now confident in my own skin, I feel sexy and deserving of my husbands attention and I am proud of my accomplishments both physically and financially. I have been able to replace my corporate salary of nearly 15 years in only 2 years with Isagenix.

Dawn Bosanko


About Isagenix

Isagenix is a product to believe in, one that will allow you to take control of your own life, your own health, and your own pocketbook. Watch your village expand through the beautiful network that naturally arises around such a wholesome product. Isagenix does well specifically because of people like Lori. People like you. 

Showing up for your life takes work. Endurance. Resilience. But ultimately it takes less work than it takes to hold yourself back. If you are one of those brave warriors, desperately putting yourself back together, piece by piece, and you have the strong work ethic necessary to build a network from the ground up, with a truly revolutionary product at its center, Isagenix is the company for you, and Lori is the coach who will be by your side the whole way. 

If you learn nothing else about Isagenix, know that it is all natural, completely safe, and truly life changing.

This total nutrition system will help you:

Lose unwanted pounds that seem determined to stay on

Gain and keep lean muscle

Increase your energy and improve your sleep quality

Improve athletic performance

Enjoy healthier, more youthful aging

Our bodies know what to do; they really are intelligently designed, able to heal themselves and function at peak performance for decades. Isagenix simply and perfectly taps into that intelligent design and supports its function.

Isagenix is for every body, every lifestyle, and accurately aligns with your daily regimen of fork and knife foods. Isagenix is the nutrition system for bold, daring, health-conscious people ready to take control of their own lives for good.

Nutrition facts

Our Nutrition...

Is a completely natural, superfood system that aids your body in getting rid of toxins

Elevates mood

Decreases inflammation

Improves both energy + sleep

This works synergistically to balance the pH of your body while flushing out toxins resulting in fat loss. This system produces life-changing results while keeping the products natural and clean.

No GMO ingredients

No Soy

Gluten Free

No artificial additives

No hydrogenated oils

This is the world’s only full-body cellular cleansing, fat burning, replenishment system.

It is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle without compromising natural and healthy habits. We have seen massive transformation in many lives, and most importantly, in our own and we want to share it with everyone!

Our company promises products that work, are scientifically-backed with high-quality ingredients, and rigorously tested for safety with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Now that is a promise that we can stand behind!